• Nationwide travel support “Shinshu Wari SPECIAL” is available

    Our hotel is part of Nagano Prefecture’s subsidy program ”Shinshu Wari SPECIAL”, a domestic travel discount campaign for Japanese citizens and international residents, aiming to revive local tourism after COVID hit.
    What are the dates of Shinshu Wari SPECIAL?
    The discount campaign runs from January 10th, 2023 until March 30th, 2023.
    How much are discounts?
    3000 yen discount for accommodation per night for one person. In addition, each person receives 2000 yen in coupons that can be used at area businesses.
    The discount applies to the accommodation rate of 7 nights maximum per reservation, but there’s no limit to the number of using this program.
    Eligibility: Who can apply for this?
    To use Shinshu Wari SPECIAL, you will need an ID card that confirms your current address. Also you must be triple-vaccinated for COVID or have tested negative.
    Please present these documents while check-in. If the documents cannot be verified, the discount will not be applied.
    (1) Personal identification documents that confirm “name and address”
    (My Number Card, residence card, driver’s license, health insurance card, or another form of identification is required to show proof of Japanese residency.) 
    (2) Certificate of vaccination (3 times or more) or negative proof in the test result notification
    (Validity period is the date of specimen collection plus 3 days for “PCR test” and the date of specimen collection plus 1 day for “antigen qualitative test”)
    See more details about Free COVID-19 Testing ⇒
    How to make a reservation?
    ①Make reservations through the hotel’s official site
    ②Make reservations through online booking sites, such as Rakuten Travel,, Jalan)
    Please note that reservation methods can differ slightly depending on websites.
    ③Make reservations through travel agency, such as JTB、Kinki Nippon Tourist、JR View Travel.
    For details, please contact each travel agency directly.
    Furthermore, discounts apply to the order of stay instead of the order of reservation. The program ends once the budget runs out. Check the official site of this program for more information (Japanese only).
    We are sincerely looking forward to you visiting.
    Sierra Resort Hotel Hakuba