"Cuisine to savor with all your senses"
Our chef is particular about "Cuisine that you can feel with all five senses". The cooking method makes the most of the flavors of the ingredients, paying particular attention to the heat and temperature. We value the aroma of spices and the texture of the ingredients when you taste it. That's why we insist to use our own original seasonings.
The chef also carefully selects each dish for each course, making each dish a visual feast for the eyes.


Using carefully selected seasonal ingredients, each dish is a course meal filled with the chef's strong preference and originality. The wine cellar here is stocked with more than 1,000 varieties of wines, and a wide variety of beverages are available to pair with the cuisine.

■Signature Course
A full-course meal of a higher grade, featuring shark's fin and seasonal fish.
Please enjoy this course as a memorable occasion to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

■Standard Course
A 10-course meal including appetizer, soup, meat dish, fish dish, and dessert.
The chef has carefully selected not only the ingredients, but also the water used for the dishes, so that the course can satisfy you for sure.

Kids menu

The following dinner for children is available for JPY 2,200 (tax included).

Beverage, soup, main dish (choice of 10 items including pizza, pasta, curry, fried plate, etc.) and dessert.
*Feel free to let us know when you are seated, if you need a children's chair or cutlery.

Chef Tsuyoshi Abe

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1988.
After graduating from high school, he worked at a local restaurant to become a chef. He then emigrated to Canada and Australia, and worked as a chef in the restaurants where he stayed.
After returning to Japan, he worked in a variety of restaurant businesses, including French restaurants, and studied at "Hakuba Hanten" a long-established Chinese restaurant in Hakuba Village, which was run by the first owner of the restaurant. He has served as the second chef since 2015, and in the summer of 2023, he became the chef of the new-born "Hakuba Hanten", which moved to Hotel Sierra Resort Hakuba.