Universal Twin Room (West Wing)

Room type Universal Twin Room (West Wing)
Occupancy 1-3 people
Number of beds 2 beds (+1 extra bed)
Bed size 110×200 cm (Extra bed: 90×190 cm)
Room size 387.5 ft2
Room facilities Indoor bath, Toilet (with toilet seat heater and shower function), TV, Wi-Fi, Refrigerator, Air conditioning (heating and cooling are switched depending on the season), Coat stand, Hair dryer, Kettle, Glass, Tea cup, Safety deposit box
Amenities Bath towel, Face towel, Onsen towel, Bath mat, Yukata, Haori half coat, Tooth brush, Hair brush, Razor, Shower cap, Cotton swabs, Cotton pads, Hair tie, Slippers, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand soap, Body soap, Tea bag
Rental items Humidifier, Air purifier, Stand light, Mobile charger, Iron

All of Universal Rooms are located at the ground floor and there are no steps in the room, the bathroom door is also wide enough for wheelchair access.

*If you would like to book a Universal Twin Room, please make a reservation under "Grand Twin Rooms" and fill in the "Inquiries and Requests" section or contact the hotel directly.